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Covid-19 update: 6/9/2020

Camps at SSA are a go! Click here for more info. 

Private training is available as well aimed at 6 y/o and older using our five-pillar methodology using necessary precautions for social distancing. 
TEXT: 707-219-8600

City of Vacaville Programs should have an update next week!
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Initiation Classes
We offer initiation classes beginning at age 2.5 and up to 12 y/o. Click Here
Winter | Spring | Summer 
week-long camps for 5-12 y/o Click Here
Virtual Training
Virtual training with 
coach Al - City of Benicia
Learn More: Soccer Initiation
Dear soccer parent. It is with sincere joy that I welcome you to Just4kicks soccer. I am delighted that you have an interest in signing up your child up for soccer. Soccer, like other sports, provides unparalleled opportunities for your child to grow in many ways....
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