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Parent and Me Class
2.5-3.5 y/o

Run, Kick, and have a great time with your toddler. This is a parent and child class facilitated by one of our awesome coaches. Caregiver participation required.

Duration: 30 minutes

3.5-4 y/o

Fun and formation begin at a young age. Our PK class will instill the joy of movement and teach the theme "The body does all the work". Coordination, exposure, and fun!     

Duration: 40 minutes

4-5 y/o

This class introduces real soccer from day one or two. Class is broke down into two parts. First half focuses on technical & biomechanics. Then, Real Soccer begins teaching through the game! 

Duration: 40 minutes

5-6 y/o

Technical skills are emphasized as they learn turns, 3 steps to passing, and other basic skills. More importantly, real soccer is the teacher using verbal cues during play.  Duration: 50 minutes

Youth Classes
7-12 y/o

Milestones are tested on at this age group. Participants will learn turns, passing, defense, and other essential skills. A test at the end of the session measures our ability to teach the curriculum.

Duration: 60 minutes

5v5 League Program
Vacaville only
7-12 y/o

Practice, train, and play games in a positive environment where the aim is to learn and get better while having a great time.

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