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Dear soccer parent. It is with sincere joy that I welcome you to Just4kicks soccer. I am delighted that you have an interest in signing up your child up for soccer. Soccer, like other sports, provides unparalleled opportunities for your child to grow in many ways. 

You must know the bigger picture so you may be vigilant not to damage what could be a beautiful thing that is the gift of soccer formation. A journey that will lead to being an active, passionate fan of the beautiful game — one who will participate in the stands chanting or on the field playing in our growing soccer culture. 


For far too long, the soccer community has failed our youth at large due to a lack of know-how, tradition, or parent-driven interests. 

Just4kicks is a program that initiates. The most important part of soccer formation. Without initiation, we have no base of players, fans, and great soccer in general.

I can't promise or give you feedback on your child's ability because it is far too early to say anything. Here we create and manage optimum environments for proper initiation indifferent to results. We don't take results out because the competition is alive and well. I have played with more deep competition in environments where there was no scoreboard or any fans or parents. Competition is alive and well in the minds of every child, and we foster this in a healthy natural way. Initiation isn't tricky, but without knowing what it should look like, it is easy to mess up. 

Thank you for entrusting us with the launch of your child's soccer formation. Please know that it is is the most prolonged and more profound part of the overall player formation process. This is where we have gone wrong with our soccer culture. There is no need or place to rush into formation or perfectionism at the ages of 0-12. Moreover, there is no need to play soccer every day all year. Other sports will complement their initiation, and we promote a holistic initiation that will prepare them for a robust formation phase at age twelve and beyond. 


For the good of the game,

Coach Al Arevalo