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5v5 Development League

The 5v5 program is a 3 day a week development league. It is aimed to initiate youth into soccer and begin the steps of player formation. 

Ages 7-12 coed unless there is enough to create two gender specific divisions 

Why 5v5?

One Goalie and four field players allows maximum exposure and interaction with the ball. Derived from futsal it is the magic number in global player formation.

Technical Training

Technical training day is where participants build biomechanics and learn the technical fundamentals of the game.

1 x per week

Global training

Global training day is where kids play about 60 minutes of soccer with intermittent water breaks. Verbal cues are used to correct and guide. Understanding and exposure to real soccer is the goal. 

1 x per week

Game Day

Game day is where they play with their assigned team. The environment is controlled and kids get to showcase their learned skills every week. 

1 x per week